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Skull Cross


Skull Cross (Ossos Cruzados) é o nome de uma famosa gangue de Metro City que sempre esteve em segundo plano na cena criminosa da cidade, porém, um dia isso mudou. Quando Haggar, Guy e Cody acabaram com o núcleo da Mad Gear em Metro City, e depois com Maki e Carlos ajudando o prefeito a acabar com os tentáculos da gangue ao redor do mundo, a Mad Gear estava oficialmente acabada e o vácuo de poder gerou uma grande guerra de gangues na cidade.

Gangues como os Sliders, os Wolves e a Skull Cross, entre muitas outras, expandiram seus territórios e tentaram a todo custo se tornar a facção mais poderosa da cidade mais violenta dos EUA. Em um ataque desesperado a Skull Cross conseguiu libertar seu líder, Marshall Black, que estava preso e subjugaram os principais grupos rivais, acabando com a guerra de gangues e dominando a cidade. Claro, até que Haggar e cia decidiram enfrentá-los.

A chefe de polícia Lucia, o vingador errante Dean e o prefeito Haggar rumaram para o centro da cidade, coração da guerra de gangues, para resolver este conflito que ficou conhecido como Final Fight 3.

Membros da Gangue

Inimigos: Haggar, Guy, Lucia e Dean.


Times de Street Fighters


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FFT boss, so there’s no bio.

Final Fight Tough: Stray’s in some sort of industrial computer complex. I
think his job is to guard the computers for the Skull Cross Gang or
something, because you can either skip fighting him entirely by taking a
special route and destroying all the computers there, or after you beat
him, there’s a bonus stage where you have to destroy a computer. Anyways,
this is the second-to-last boss in FFT. [from the game]

Where he is now: Annoyed at you if you skip fighting him entirely? *shrugs*

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

He’s a guy in a trench coat with spiked knuckles. He has insane reach,
speed, and power, and is always running and jumping all over the place.
Reminds me of fighting Balrog in the original SF2 without the fence.

The trench coat is green of all things. Combined with his shades,
purple gloves, pants, and even purple hair, Stray seems to have an
eccentric taste in fashion. Oh, and he rides a construction hook over to
you before fighting you.


Marshall Black

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FFT boss and the final one, but still there’s no bio for him.

Final Fight Tough: Black is the leader of the Skull Cross Gang. For some
reason, he’s in jail, though a riot staged by Dave caused a distraction
that allowed his gang to break him out of jail. Things finally come to a
showdown with Haggar and co on top of Metro City’s tallest building when
Black greets them by leaping onto the roof from his helicopter to confront
them. However, he eventually got knocked into a (really randomly placed)
high voltage electrical power generator, promptly resulting in him getting
electrocuted then said generator exploding, taking the entire top area of
the building with it. Haggar and his friends escaped, most likely by
stealing Black’s helicopter. [from the game]

Where he is now: Well, being electrocuted then blown up usually tends to
make one lose that little thing we like to call “life”, so…

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Lots of similarities to Rolento. Like Rolento, he has a helicopter,
he’s an army guy, and also has knives plus a baton as well. Unlike Rolento,
he gets electrocuted after the fight with him, but like Rolento, he gets blown
up (albeit not by grenades, unlike Rolento). Rolento, however, is still alive
and kicking, unlike Black. Sucks (or rather, sucked) to be him.



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An FFT boss. As usual, there’s no bio. He’s gotta be Japanese.

Final Fight Tough: Either the fourth boss you fight (after Caine) or a
possible mid-boss you fight if you take a certain path after beating
Drake. He’s a Skull Cross member you fight… in a kitchen. [from the

Where he is now: Whoosh!

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

He’s a monk. With robes and prayer beads. Not much else to say.



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An FFT boss. They don’t have bios.

Final Fight Tough: A Skull Cross member, Drake is a possible third boss you
fight (and the one you fight on the way to get the ‘best’ ending). He’s in
charge of smuggling weapons for some mysterious company called The Sims.
[from the game]

Where he is now: Hmm.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

He’s a sailor you fight on his boat.

…what the heck are The Sims anyways? They’re just mentioned after
you beat Drake and that’s that, but something must have been important
because stopping their weapon shipment lets you get a ‘better’ ending where
everyone comments that their job is done (as opposed to the alternative of
feeling like their job isn’t done).


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An FFT boss. FFT bosses don’t have bios to my knowledge.

Final Fight Tough: Caine’s a possible third boss that you fight if you take
the bus on the third stage. He’s fought in a scrap dump. However, to get
what is probably the best ending, you skip right past him and never fight
him at all. [from the game]

Where he is now: Wondering why Capcom doesn’t give him any love like they
did for the Final Fight 1 bosses? Dunno.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

He’s a mechanic. With goggles and a wrench. A wrench that he pokes
you with. Which… seems to be the only thing he does.



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Another FFT boss with no bio!

Final Fight Tough: The second boss you fight. You either fight him in a park
or in a restaurant (he’s probably the bouncer there), depending on which path
you take. Not much more to say. [from the game]

Where he is now: Wondering why Capcom didn’t even bother to so much as
give him an official bio when Capcom gave all the FF2 bosses some? Dunno X 2.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

He’s a bouncer. With suit and tie. And… um, do I have to say that
all the FFT bosses are Skull Cross Gang members?



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I don’t believe Capcom made official bios for the FFT bosses.

Final Fight Tough: Dave’s like… a twisted riot cop who’s leading a riot in
Metro City. The riot’s actually a distraction so that the Skull Cross Gang
can break their leader out of jail during the commotion. He’s the first
boss in the game. Not much else to say. [from the game]

Where he is now: *Shrugs*

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Hey hey! It’s Edi. E without the fat and the gun! Still has the billy
club and facial hair though.