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FFT boss, so there’s no bio.

Final Fight Tough: Stray’s in some sort of industrial computer complex. I
think his job is to guard the computers for the Skull Cross Gang or
something, because you can either skip fighting him entirely by taking a
special route and destroying all the computers there, or after you beat
him, there’s a bonus stage where you have to destroy a computer. Anyways,
this is the second-to-last boss in FFT. [from the game]

Where he is now: Annoyed at you if you skip fighting him entirely? *shrugs*

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

He’s a guy in a trench coat with spiked knuckles. He has insane reach,
speed, and power, and is always running and jumping all over the place.
Reminds me of fighting Balrog in the original SF2 without the fence.

The trench coat is green of all things. Combined with his shades,
purple gloves, pants, and even purple hair, Stray seems to have an
eccentric taste in fashion. Oh, and he rides a construction hook over to
you before fighting you.