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Age: 22 when he became Leader, which was a good while before SF3.
Native place: unknown
SF3-era nickname: “Divine Era’s Supreme Ruler”

Street Fighter 3 Second Impact: Gill draws fighters to himself to find the chosen ones that he would use to create the ideal society when the prophesied time comes. Alex manages to take him down, and Gill was very impressed. [Official]

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike:

From the olden days B.C. by management having ruled from behind the entire world the Secret Society produced, the lord of miraculous power. Unyielding even to his actual younger brother Urien’s evil designs, with that nature of overwhelming charisma he’s holding onto the organization’s full authority. For the project for the sake of an ideal society materialization accelerating by an amount of 200 years, now surely for Gill seems to be in the role of reigning above ground as the divine present emperor. [CJ’s 3S profile for Gill]

There is something special about Alex. Gill is very very interested in him. It appears that someday in the future, Alex will be one of the key people once the appointed time for the divine era comes [Official].

For more of what Gill did in the SF3 games to other characters, check out various other SF3 characters like Yun and Urien and such.

Where he is now: Continuing to watch the rest of the world, and Alex in particular. His 3S ending assumes that Alex wants to seek him out again, which is unlikely since Alex believes Gill got taken care of the first time and Tom is well.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Gill from AASF3 & Gamest SF3


From the olden days B.C., controlling from a shadow on the world there’s a secret society. For them in order that it shall originate the ideal society in this earth they rightly continue activity, for the Leader who is the organization’s chief, pedigree and genetics, astrology and the like under various requisites is selected. Even Gill, from within a multitude’s candidacy through the greeted elite as Leader, himself living in as well as envisioning to originate the ideal society.


From the olden days B.C., there’s a secret society’s leader controlling from a shadow on the world. For the secret society in the year A.D. 2200, in order to originate the ideal society in this earth, with every possible spectacle they continue activity.
For the Leader being the organization’s chief one time in 24 years, in pedigree and genetic characteristics candidating the research-selected 1,024 groups of paired children, moreover those evaluated as standards as far as four-pillar astrology, feng shui, astrology and the occult, several people are intellectually educated. Within that a single person coming of age 22 years simultaneously, comes to be in fact welcomed as the new Leader.

Spanning a millenium, among the ideal society materialization’s schedule progressing, for he (Gill) thought. Even the ideal society’s completion as it is now that’s far off ahead of my own dying……. Within my own existing, no rather, with this hand I want to complete the ideal society. But for that, for the agreed year 2200, being a gap of even 200 years that was being the craving.


Personality- The Secret Society, for in that leader a strong will and composed power, and also the matter of possessing absolute-like charisma is demanded. For Gill though within successive generations of Leaders, he’s clearing that through a high level. For his underlying ruling and believing it with inanimate nature is, about denying that of everyone difficult. Why then, for the organization’s intelligence gathering power, analysis ability and also engineering ability, national boundaries and races and religions, as long as time is exceedingly supporting him, until he declaratively acquires the precognition level of his forged judgment ability he’ll be improving after all.

Gill himself is, regarding his deeds as being those of the world’s conqueror and perhaps, being capable for freedom to mankind and the like is not particularly a matter of consciousness. Why then imperative to become Leader for gripping an undertaking of education, for the matter to control the world that’s because it’s about extremely natural. From before being born it was about deciding, for in regards to him, that was an exceedingly obvious matter after all. In accordance with the habitual him being faced by a person is, even aiming at the matter of feeling in him that presence and charisma nature, seldom a person to sense the peculiarly abnormal-like feeling of oppression and physical unease. Accordingly to a person, if someone would speak of it, with extensive knowledge the person says that was an enjoyable person wasn’t it, in an argumentive but changed matter the consideration is abundant.
It’s somewhat of a arrogant place, that being the disposition, controlling the world is to say not something to come from conceit and the like. Desiring for the ideals of the entire world no rather this earth, allowing it to descend into neutral to the last his ruling is possibly said to be the ultimate righteousness. However, to observe comprehending his aura from the body’s center in both the left and right, the ruling is to be saying whenever he himself senses for the sake of sublimating various contradictions.

Fighting style- In regards to him obtaining the world, for personal interest, there’s the world of spiritual nature esteeming arts and martial arts. For the sake of forging the body and the spirit, having enrolled in the program for how to be a good emperor even now with karate and aikido the martial arts for the private him, that is also limiting the world of fighting techniques. He acquires research on every nation’s martial arts and fighting moves from the midst of history, the matter of perfecting the ultimate martial arts being one of his hobbies is, even as the ideal society establishment’s constituent he’s even considering it as being a necessity. For that sake, having donned flawless flesh and imperial fighting techniques the matter of he himself going out towards the world is also in abundance.

Fact: Gill’s catch phrase/nickname is “Supreme Ruler of the Divine Era.”
Found mostly in 3S contexts, but also briefly in the NG Gamest mook. Gill’s NG/2I backstory calls his organization a “secret society.” I’ve seen at least one Japanese forum page list organization names in quotes: Vega’s is “Shadoloo” and Gill’s seems to be a cut n’ pasted phrase “The Secret Society Wishing for the Divine Era,” aka a likely tag or label for one of the many
real-life groups claiming the title “Illuminati.”

Gill, from the belief of the organization that he comes from, is prophesied to be a compassionate intercessor for the suffering populace. Here’s the transcribed prophecy from his Second Impact ending:

In the soliton’s summit the time the eclipsed sun submerges
For the black moon breaking into seven
Above the head of the Altanian in uncoiled clothing it downpours
Even the high priest’s prayer
Also the farmer’s wisdom
Is unable to stop this
For a far and wide plaza
Becoming a bird of prey and a wild beast’s habitat
Resistance combining to satisfy in agony
After one hundred thirty days of silence
Appears the golden haired child equivalent to have been filled with flames and water
Being of genuine compassion it will presumably lend an ear to the people’s requests

~from Muraha’s Written Prophecy . Ordinal Third Chapter Eleventh Verse~

Note that Alex could also potentially fit the prophecy’s description as he’s later depicted in Gill’s 3S ending.

Gill describes to Yun that in the near future, the balance between people’s tendencies for positivity and negativity, normally cancelling each other out, will shatter. That is when the Secret Society will act in the name of benevolence for the rest of the world.

The year when Gill’s organization shall bring about the ideal society, according to them, is 2200.

Gill’s organization determines who the next Leader is by having a batch (1024 pairs) of genetically enhanced chosen ones train together and fight together, and the one that rises to the top is determined to be the new Leader. Of course, Gill is the one that rose to the top of his generation, much to his jealous brother Urien’s dismay.

Gill enjoys learning, and is constantly trying to improve himself both mentally and physically. He’s very knowledgeable of countless martial arts, especially karate and aikido, and hopes to obtain the ultimate fighting style.

There are 66 secret techniques of the mysterious organization, including resurrection. Urien’s Aegis reflector is another.

The reason Gill was elected Leader over Urien is due to Urien being considered emotionally unstable. Urien later on became Leader per Gill’s command after Gill moved up to the position of “Sovereign”, the supreme watcher for the coming of the divine era and little-known true head of the Secret Society.

Gill is VERY powerful, storylinewise. He was transformed by the Secret Society into a tri-natured being, able to contain and maintain three distinct auras of ki: a fiery quality from his right side, an icy quality from his left, and an activation of all his seven chakra points along his spine to revive him from a loss of stamina during resurrection (introduced in NG). He has such a affinity to his conspicuous dual natures that he can miraculously call forth fiery and icy projectiles from above during his second super art meteor strike (introduced in 2I), and finally he exhibits his dual-natured emotional side with his pulverizing third super art in the name of warmth and love, the seraphic wing (introduced in 3S).

He’s not immortal for he anticipates his eventual death, hence he wishes to be the one responsible for ushering in the ideal society the moment the Leader candidacy was his. In other words, though the prophecies say to wait, he’s not content with waiting once he has the power, since he is mortal and his office term is also temporary (a Leader rules from age 22 until age 46, 24 years at max). This is why the scenario of his 3S ending is presented as a possibility, should he decide to go back on his agreement with Yun and Yang to hold off as originally planned and see just how people, particularly fighters, will be able to cope with the coming imbalance of the opposite powers meant to keep each other in check for the next two centuries or so, according to his organization.

Though Capcom has kept Gill’s and Urien’s nationality unknown, the majority of clues would lead them to be Indian. They both have a bindi (forehead jewel) sported in particular by religious Hindu men and married Hindu women that emphasizes and worships intellect in general. Akiman’s preliminary design for Gill was described as a “Greek Pankration-like Gandhi”, notes described in the AASF3 Fighting Bible. Also, the aura that follows Gill’s resurrection super art emanates from the body’s line of chakras as depicted in Kundalini yoga, including the tanden cited for Seth and Ryu. Again, CJ’s said nothing for their nationalities, but these three points of observation are there for chewing.

Gill’s secretary’s name is Kolin. Official art indicates that they might be infatuated with each other.

Gill is aware of Urien’s plot against him. However, Gill isn’t too concerned about it. He obviously isn’t intimidated by Urien.

While Urien is the one who took it further to produce Twelve and co, Gill is likely the one that started the crisis management unit and Necro.

Gill giving Kolin that book is yet another thing inspired by Nakahira Masahiko’s Ryu Final manga. I think it was a book that detailed different fighting styles or something, I forget. ~Sano

It might be a book on mysteries, but seems to be more about fighting styles.

Erik Ko of Studio Udon said that Capcom mentioned to him that Gill was based on Kikaider, also confirmed in AASF3.

For more on Urien and Gill, including their childhood and their parents, see Urien’s section.

Gill’s stages have always been scenes from antiquity. NG’s might as well be Thira (present day Santorini) which is a Greek island, but in 2I like Urien he’s in an ancient Egyptian scene. If you want Gill to stay in Greece for 3S, his stage there might very well be Mt. Olympus, as hinted from his stage sound file caption “GRE”.