Edi E.

Em construção…




Height: 204 cm
Weight: 145 kg
Hails from: America
Special skill: Shooting
Favorite food: rare steaks (literally blood-dripping ones)

Final Fight One: A corrupt policeman who was a member of Mad Gear, Edi. E found Mad Gear to be very good for his career. Being affiliated with the gang, he was able to use Mad Gear’s resources to jail many other gangs. When Cody opposed Mad Gear and hit the West Side, Edi. E, who ruled the West Side with an iron fist, confronted Cody among a watching crowd. Cody is
disgusted when he sees how corrupt Metro City is that a policeman would join Mad Gear. Edi. E fights Cody but is defeated by him. [Conjecture based off in-game storyline]

Street Fighter Zero 3: Cody has busted out of jail. Edi. E appears to be trying to get him back judging by Cody’s win animation… Dunno how much a win animation should be trusted but mweh, it probably did happen. He never caught Cody though.

Where he is now: Probably still a policeman of Metro City. And probably still corrupt too. By Streetwise, who knows? He’d be pretty old by then. Sgt. Sims is just a sergeant, and you never get to see or hear about anyone who’s higher ranked than that.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

FF1 bio: A vicious ex-policeman. Edi E controls the entire west side of Metro City (note: Apparently rewritten so that he’s still a policeman).

He received administrative guidance from Haggar to become a policeman and later betrayed him, from an old FF1 character relations chart.

Yes, his name is spelled Edi. E without a period after the ‘E’. Dunno what’s up with that. Course, dunno what kind of parents would name their kid ‘Damnd’ or ‘Sodom’, either. It’s possible that Capcom mistranslated his name and it was supposed to be Eddy E.

Metro City is so corrupt that Edi. E managed to hang onto his job despite being a known member of Mad Gear.

Edi. E also is often chewing gum.

I wonder if the many freudian remarks about Edi. E and his attachment to his gun in Final Fight One were done on purpose (the funniest one being SFZ3 Cody’s remark about it, hehehe. “You need a gun when you’re about to die don’t you?” It comes complete with authority figure connotations!).

Like Edi. E, all cops in Streetwise rely primarily (exclusively, even) on firearms. Sadly, Edi. E himself isn’t in the game.