Kyle Travers

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Age: around Cody’s FF1 age? (22-24. The game implies he was just a kid during FF1, which took place many years ago, and Kyle’s old enough to have a girlfriend who’s old enough to be a bartender. Also he seems to have graduated college based on a degree in his apartment. No idea how THAT worked out)
Native place: assumedly America
Fighting style: assumedly street fighting

Final Fight Streetwise: At the fight club after a little pep talk from his brother Cody, Kyle pulls a comeback and sends Handsome Bob to the mat, much to the cheers of the audience (especially those that bet on him). Later outside, Kyle is drinking some beer when Cody arrives with the pit fight money, annoyed that Kyle didn’t get it himself but commenting that they were
at least making ends meet. He tells Kyle to meet him at the Barfly in 30 minutes but doesn’t explain the 30-minute wait.

After punching some random people for randomly trying to punch him, Kyle arrives at the Barfly early. To kill time, he plays some pool with the Barfly bartender (and his girlfriend) Vanessa Sims, although she wins easily as expected. Cody arrives late and aggravated, prompting Kyle to apologize for the earlier fight with Handsome Bob not going so well at first. His brother promptly responds that wasn’t the reason he was mad, but that he’s getting tired of waiting for Kyle to live up to his potential and then tells Kyle that he himself wants to be able to fight again. Kyle points out that Cody’s knee problem makes that rather unlikely, but Cody responds that he found something that could help. The two are interupted when Devin “The Stiff” arrives and tells Cody that “he” wants to see him. Cody refuses, saying “he knows the deal”, to which Stiff replies “Deal’s changed.” Kyle has absolutely no idea what’s going on, but doesn’t take long to figure out that whatever it is, it’s trouble. Especially when a rather annoyed Stiff decides to slam a chair over Cody’s head. Cody yells at Kyle to back him up, and the two brothers begin to lay the whoop ass on Stiff’s goons, promptly trashing the entire bar in the process, with Kyle noting with dismay in his journal that Vanessa was going to kill him for that. Eventually the bar brawl ended with Stiff pointing a gun to Kyle, who responded by spitting in his face. Stiff, in turn, gave his own response by whacking Kyle in the head with his pistol, knocking him out as Stiff’s men held Cody back.

Kyle wakes up in his apartment with Vanessa at his side who tells him that the Stiff left with Cody, to which Kyle responds that he’s going after him, much to Vanessa’s protests. A piece of paper that was left behind from the brawl had “Metro City Diner” scrawled on its back, so with that as his only clue, Kyle headed there. The cashier at the desk refused to give him any
information until he helped out with a little cockroach problem, generally by running around like an idiot trying to stomp them to pieces as onlooking customers laughed. Making a note in his journal never to eat there again because Kyle rather disliked the idea of roaches in his sandwich, Kyle is told that apparently the local porn theatre manager Weasel was spotted
with the Stiff.

After arm-wrestling an extremely bored porn cashier who apparently finds arm-wrestling more entertaining than pornography, Kyle enters the manager’s room, where Weasel and a hooker are busy with… stuff. Weasel denies any involvement with Stiff, but the Bible on his desk with the words “The Stiff” on it denies Weasel’s denial. Kyle apologizes to the lady in the room with
the violence she is about to witness, chases Weasel down, and proceeds to slam the door on his head a few times until Weasel finally tells Kyle that Stiff is at the warehouse and to bring the Bible there to talk to him.

The Bible convinces the doorman at the warehouse to let Kyle in, although upon entering, he just barely dodges a crate that fell from above. Weasel, behind the warehouse crane’s controls, angrily orders his gang of Blue Ballers to get him while he attempts to crush Kyle with more boxes. When his gang is defeated, Weasel realizes that his plan isn’t working and jumps into a forklift to try to run Kyle down. This plan only results in severe whiplash from constantly crashing into walls as Kyle got out of the way, and soon Weasel was in Kyle’s clutches once again. He begs “Not the face!”, but his ugly face is spared thanks to his cell phone ringing. Kyle makes him answer it, and eavesdrops as Stiff tells Weasel to meet him at the hotel. Sparing Weasel’s face, Kyle knocks him out by smacking him in the back of his head and leaves, getting more angry at all the crap he has to go through to find his brother.

Pondering just how angry, Kyle at the Barfly asks Vanessa if she’s ever killed anyone. Vanessa replies that she will if he ends up drinking all her beer without sharing any of it with her, cutting off the rest of the subject. Kyle tells her that he has no idea which hotel the Stiff could be talking about, so she suggests he go see 2-Ill. Kyle objects but doesn’t have any choice, so he heads down to the train station where 2-Ill was hanging out, only to have 2-Ill tell him that he couldn’t help Kyle because he was in a heap of trouble at the moment. 2-Ill immediately runs off, a bunch of Metro City thugs hot on his tail, and Kyle on theirs to try to rescue the guy. Kyle quickly paid the local tattoo parlor managor Paco (who just happened to be standing there) 100 dollars to help out because he looked like he could at least throw a punch (although Paco generally is more useful due to him simply providing an extra human shield for 2-Ill’s vulnerable self). The three beat back the attacking gang, and 2-Ill is impressed at how much Kyle’s fighting abilities have grown. As thanks for Kyle saving him, he gives Kyle information for free, telling Kyle that Stiff is at the Bijou Hotel at the pier district.

Doing a poor impression of Solid Snake, Kyle makes his way through the hotel, stealthily avoiding Stiff’s goons. …or simply just running up to them and punching out their lights just like everything else, but he could pretend to be stealthy and sneak up on them if he wants to. A couple of guard dogs also felt the wrath of Kyle’s cockroach-crushing feet. Along the way, Kyle is accosted by some Metro City civilians who ramble about a new drug they’ve got. Their eyes are glowing green and they look more like zombies than people, but Kyle clobbers them all the same when they attack. At the top of the hotel, Kyle surprises one of Stiff’s men by knocking him off the building, before tackling the other and breaking through the glass roof window to the penthouse, falling down right behind the Stiff and ruining his moment of contemplation from looking at the bridge across the ocean. Ignoring the fact that the rest of the hotel is a trash dump for some reason, Stiff laments about how he just had the carpet cleaned. Kyle demands that Stiff tell him where Cody is. Stiff says that Cody was stuck in the glory days still, so he hooked Cody up with Vitto to pit fight in Little Italy. Kyle doesn’t believe him, and Stiff, annoyed at this, whips out a pistol and fires at Kyle. With his own pistol that he took from the guards, Kyle fired back, and after a brief gunfight, chased Stiff to the roof of the hotel. Outside on the roof, Kyle tells Stiff that he’s not looking to kill him and just wants to know where Cody is. Stiff again says that Cody is with Vitto, after remarking that he didn’t think Kyle cared for guns. Kyle still doesn’t believe him, so they continue the fight with their fists. It ends with Stiff getting knocked off the rooftop, but Kyle grabs him by the hand before he could fall to his death. Kyle tries to get more info from Stiff, asking about the Bible, but Stiff replies that it’s not for religious purposes and he’ll burn in hell some day, but not tonight. He mocks Kyle, saying that Kyle isn’t a killer and won’t let him fall to his death. He then shocks Kyle by saying that not only is Cody with Vitto, but he’s also now with them. Kyle tells him that he’s lying, and Stiff pulls out his pistol again and orders Kyle to let him up or else he’ll shoot Kyle on the count of three. He counts “one”, then “two”, and then Kyle, weary and tired and frustrated, lets go on three, sending Stiff falling to his doom, futilely shooting in all directions. Apparently, Stiff wasn’t paying attention earlier when Kyle knocked one of his men off the roof to their generic enemy doom as well. Nor did he research into the Travers’ penchant for making villains fall off of high places.

Kyle arrives back at the Barfly to see Vanessa’s brother Sgt. Sims, waiting for him because Vanessa asked him for his help. It’s help that Kyle doesn’t care for due to his dislike of cops, but Sims surprises him when he tells Kyle that Cody is pit fighting in Little Italy. A complete shock despite Stiff saying that three times. He warns about a new drug going around and tells
Kyle not to get involved before leaving. Afterwards, Kyle shows the Bible to Vanessa, still not knowing what it’s for, but then a flask with a glowing green substance falls out, as well as a map that leads to Little Italy.

Kyle busts into Vitto’s Restaurant at Little Italy, demanding to know where Cody is. Vitto tells his men to ‘escort’ him out, prompting yet another brawl in a dining establishment that leads to much destruction. Even Vitto’s rather angered chefs joined in the combat, but Kyle just beat them up too. Vitto tells them to stop, realizing it was going nowhere. Kyle offers a deal where he’ll pit fight for Vitto if he tells Kyle where Cody is. Vitto refuses, making Kyle state that the last person between him and Cody was sent plummeting to his death. At this, Vitto perks up and says Kyle should have said that he was the one who killed the Stiff sooner because then Kyle’d have his gratitude, and gratitude earns respect. Kyle isn’t impressed, and Vitto
finally tells one his fighters to escort Kyle to the basement for an “interview”. The fighter stretches before leading Kyle away, happy to oblige.

The interview went well, with Kyle whomping Ghost in the ensuing pit fight. Afterwards, he repeats his demand to know where Cody is. Vitto states that while Kyle was a good fighter, he despised Kyle’s lack of respect. His other men are too afraid of Kyle by this point to kick Kyle out, so Vitto’s top assassin Blades quickly leaps in and grabs Kyle at knife-point. Vitto tells Blades not to kill him because they’ve gotten into too much heat from all the ruckus already, so Blades dumps Kyle off back at Kyle’s hood, saying that next time he’ll send a ice pick through Kyle’s head. Kyle wonders why bother waiting when they could just fight now, but Blades brushes him off and leaves.

Vanessa, always one to suggest random informants that Kyle doesn’t like, tells Kyle to go see Psychic (Madame Celeste) for possible leads. After a quick game of concentration disguised as some powerful occult fortune reading card set-up, Celeste tells Kyle that help will come from Cody’s apartment. Kyle wonders how he’ll get into Cody’s apartment but then Celeste hands him the
keys to it. He then wonders how Celeste managed to get the keys to Cody’s apartment. …for all of one second. Cody’s answering machine at his apartment contained much less intrusive looks into Cody’s private life, containing nothing but some calls from Kyle asking where the heck Cody was, and a call from Haggar asking the same thing and inviting Cody to go have some drinks at the bar. Kyle finds half of a photo with Haggar in it along with Cody, and “Pier 15” on the back, so he decides to go there. After quick call to 2-Ill to find out where Pier 15 is, as well as get an offer from 2-Ill to help out that Kyle doesn’t give a crap about because 2-Ill will likely charge him for such help anyways, Kyle heads to Mike’s Maritime Maintenance at Pier

The pier is overrun by the Punx, but their cheap imitation Damnd whistles, light-pressing password puzzles, and randomly raining cheap imitation Rolento grenades are no match for Kyle’s button mashing skills. Their massive numbers on the other hand, were starting to be a problem until Haggar himself came out of his gym to lend a hand. After beating all of the thugs, Haggar tells Kyle that Kyle better not cause trouble in his neighborhood, or else. Kyle doesn’t notice, being too much in awe at being with THE man Mike Haggar to be afraid. He introduces himself as Cody’s brother Kyle, whereupon Haggar smiles and says that it’s been a long time since he’s seen him. He remarks that Kyle probably doesn’t remember him anymore, but not many people do.
Haggar sadly does not know anything about where Cody is, but hopes that Cody didn’t get caught up in the new GLOW drug hitting the streets. Contrary to what Cody might think, GLOW won’t make him stronger but will kill him. Kyle laments that he hit another dead end, so Haggar teaches him a few moves so the night won’t be an entire waste. Finally, Kyle is ready to go try Vitto again, and Haggar gives him some advice to show Vitto some respect, as that might get him a bit farther. He also says that he still has some friends in the Metro City police and will try to get them to help.

At Vitto’s restaurant, Vitto is talking to a priest, saying that he needs some help with something but is interrupted when Kyle walks in. The priest decides to make his exit, but takes a moment to look at Kyle and smile at him before he walks out. Vitto is mad, but Kyle apologizes for his lack of respect earlier. He repeats his deal of fighting for Vitto, so Vitto decides to let him have another go. At the pit fight in the basement, Kyle manages to defeat Andore (likely thanks to the tried and true technique of running around in lots of circles for most of the time). Back at the restaurant, Vitto tells Kyle that Cody fought for him and made him a bundle of money, but he had to let Cody go because Cody got hooked on GLOW. He lets Kyle keep his share of the money, saying that he’d never cheat a stand-up guy like Kyle out of his fair share, and apologizes that he doesn’t know where Cody is anymore, and he tells Kyle to be careful, as going after GLOW will likely be more than he can handle. Outside, Kyle calls Vanessa and says he’s going to check out Bijou Hotel again, having no other leads.

At the Bijou Hotel, Kyle randomly lucks out because for whatever reason, Cody is there. Cody jumps three stories to land right in front of Kyle, where he orders Kyle to go home, his eyes glowing green with the drug of GLOW and his voice sounding like he got possessed by a demon in some cheesy B-Movie. Kyle refuses and tries to persuade Cody to come with him, but is interrupted by Sgt. Sims, who tells Kyle to back away from his brother as he points a gun at Cody.

Kyle tries to stop Sims and Cody gets away. Sims explains to Kyle that Cody got into a heap of trouble and also tells Kyle to stay out of things before running after Cody. Fortunately, he didn’t notice that Cody dropped his wallet. Kyle picks it up and notices the second half of the photograph, this time with some guy in it in red with a tattoo. He heads back to the hood and calls 2-Ill to ask where the tattoo parlor manager Paco might be. Predictably, 2-Ill replies that the manager Paco is at the tattoo parlor.

House inspector is coming so Kyle is forced to run around like an idiot once again stomping cockroaches in his apartment as well as a bunch of rats that apparently got hooked on GLOW but go squish just as easily as the cockroaches do. After Paco is done making Kyle do that (because they live in the same building), Paco tells Kyle the tattoo in the photo was made by Lou “the Skin” at Japantown, so Kyle heads over there.

At The Dragon’s Skin, after putting up with Lou rambling over which tattoo to give Kyle, Kyle shows Lou the photo, saying he wants to see the man in it. Lou obliges by smashing a cash register over his head.

Kyle wakes up in Lou’s basement surrounded by ninjas, Lou, and the man in the photo, Guy. Lou tells Guy that Kyle’s wallet says that he’s Cody, and Guy demands to know why Kyle is lying about who he is, but Kyle simply tells them that only cheap shots could take him down. At this, Guy tells his men to show Kyle what happens to those who don’t answer his questions, so Guy’s men untie Kyle and attempt to extract the information from Kyle forcefully, forming a ring around Kyle where they’d charge in with hit-and-run attacks while the rest looked for openings. Lou eagerly jumps in to fight as well after the men are defeated, but Kyle manages to beat him too. Frustrated, Lou encourages Guy to kick Kyle’s ass as Guy throws off his business suit for his bushin gi and approaches Kyle. A simple demonstration of some ridiculously fast katas shocks the hell out of Kyle and makes him decide that it’d probably be a good time to explain that he isn’t Cody. He explains that he’s Cody’s brother but that Cody got into a lot of trouble with GLOW and Vitto, among other things. Hearing this, Guy decides to listen and invites Kyle to his dojo. There, Guy tells Kyle about his past with Cody, about how Cody went to jail for one of Guy’s crimes so that Guy could go free. He says that from what he knows about Cody, Cody would give his life for Kyle. He regrets that Cody had to go to jail for him but that some debts could never be repaid. After this, he decides to ‘quiz’ Kyle a bit. He tests Kyle in his dojo by teaching Kyle how to do the ki-based charge punch. After the sparring, Kyle’s skill proves to Guy that he is indeed Cody’s brother. Guy takes Kyle to the lounge area of the dojo. Around
the table, he tells Kyle that he’s proud about how he’s managed to maintain order in Japantown and is fighting against the drug, and trying to keep it from entering the area. However, it’s proving very difficult, and sometimes Guy wonders if the man behind GLOW is merely giving the people what they want. He tells Kyle that from what he knows, the man behind GLOW is a man with no face, but that he has a strong influence in Little Italy, and Guy has his men investigating it. At that point, Blades bursts in and tosses the head of one of Guy’s men to Guy and Kyle, with dynamite strapped to it. Guy and Kyle get out of the way in time as it explodes, but the dojo they’re in is now on fire and the whole building threatens to collapse on them both. Worse off, Stiff’s men have come in to help finish the job. Guy quickly leads Kyle to the exit, but falling debris and flames constantly get in the way. The flames were good for tossing mobsters
and angry schoolgirls into them though. …why a bunch of angry schoolgirls also decided to get in on the flaming fun is a mystery. Regardless, thanks to the help of a fire extinguisher (oh, and Guy too), Kyle and Guy escape just as the dojo explodes. Kyle tells Guy that Blades was one of Vitto’s men (not that Guy didn’t know that already), and that he was a fool to trust Vitto. Kyle goes after Vitto, while Guy stays behind to gather his resources, saying the war has just begun. Kyle tells him that he’s glad Guy’s on his side, and after a call from a concerned Vanessa warning him that something nasty is going on down throughout the city, Kyle leaves for Little Italy. Guy watches with a frown, possibly wondering if he and Kyle really were on the same side.

Vitto isn’t at the restaurant. One of the chefs offers to tell Kyle where he is if Kyle helps stomp out a little GLOW rat infestation of the place. After running around like an idiot squishing giant green-eyed glowing rats, the chef tells Kyle that Vitto is at the church. The chef remarks that it’s a good thing it’s a dark carpet while Kyle makes a note to himself to call the health inspector on the place as he heads over to the church.

Kyle sneaks into the church to spy on Vitto, who is talking with the priest that Kyle saw earlier, Father Bella. Blades is there as well. Vitto tells the priest that for all his efforts, GLOW continues to spread throughout Little Italy and he can’t stop it. Worse off, people are beginning to think that he’s the cause of the drug. He tells Bella that he isn’t an angel, but
that GLOW is not his doing and he was a persecuted man. Bella tries to calm him down and suggests a prayer. Vitto kneels down to try to pray, but this is put to a quick end when Blades slams an ice pick through his skull. Bella tells Blades to take the body out back, and that he might need him to kill Cody, in case Cody started to become too troublesome as well. No one must stop their revelation, to which Blades solemnly nods and agrees. Kyle is shocked, wondering why a priest of all people would have someone killed. He realizes that first of all, he has to take Blades out of the picture immediately, and follows Blades out back to the graveyard. Blades is more than happy to finally have his chance to stab Kyle, but Kyle’s fighting skills (along with a submachine gun that happened to be lying around) proved too much for him.

Outside, Kyle receives a call on his cellphone from Guy. Guy found Kyle’s brother. Kyle says he’s on his way to Japantown, but Guy warns him that Japantown has changed. When Kyle shrugs this off, Guy also warns him that his brother has changed as well. At Lou’s tattoo parlor, Cody is tied to a chair trying to break out and rambling like a madman, his eyes still glowing from the drug. Guy tells Kyle that unless they stop GLOW, there will soon be nothing left of the city worth saving, to which Kyle responds that if Guy hasn’t noticed, there isn’t much worth saving in the city anyways. All Kyle cares about now is beating up the jerk who did this to his brother, so a rather unimpressed Guy tells him that he should start with Nicky Wissell, who’s shipping in GLOW using trucks from his porn business. Kyle suddenly realizes why Weasel had that Bible from Stiff, and tells Guy to keep an eye on his brother while he goes to find out from Weasel where the source of GLOW is.

At the warehouse, a vengeful Weasel attempts to take out Kyle by throwing grenades while Kyle takes on his Blue Ballers, some of whom had become hooked on GLOW themselves. This plan ultimately fails and Kyle once again is slamming doors on Weasel’s head (this time using the garage). Weasel tells him that the GLOW-producing factory is at the fish packing plant at the Pier. Outside the warehouse, Guy calls Kyle to tell him that Cody was too powerful and escaped. The only option left is to remove the source of GLOW at the lab, and the two decide to meet at the Pier. Guy tells Kyle to take a shortcut through the freight trains.

The pier is overrun by riots from Punx and more GLOW addicts (GLOWheads). Kyle meets up with Guy at the Pier lighthouse and the two bust into the fish plant. Stiff’s goons and a bunch of GLOW butchers are waiting for them, but are no match for the two. Guy tells Kyle they should split up, and he’ll go take the stairs while Kyle takes the cargo elevator. Kyle agrees, and eventually finds himself in a room with tons of boxes of GLOW as well as a conveniently-placed gun turret in the center, which blows away all the GLOW boxes, GLOWheads, GLOW butchers, and Stiff goons quite handily, and Kyle eventually discovers a hidden passageway behind all the debris.

In another section of the lab, a female scientist is working on something underneath a sheet when Kyle arrives via air vent. Kyle suspects that she’s the mastermind behind GLOW, but she doesn’t seem to fear him at all and doesn’t even bother to answer his questions until Kyle finally grabs her by the shoulders a bit. She introduces herself to him as Dr. Chang, but that she doesn’t have time to concern herself with just one simple junkie like Kyle’s brother Cody. This of course pisses Kyle off, so Chang tells him that a lot of other people besides Cody are suffering too, and explains that Bella forced her to produce the drug and that she’s not happy about it. However, she does inform him that she could detoxify Cody depending on the situation, but Kyle is interrupted by a phone call from Guy before she can finish. Guy tells him that the explosives that he never told Kyle about earlier were primed and ready and to get out of the lab immediately. Kyle is shocked, but Guy says that such drastic measures are necessary to stop the drug. Kyle turns around to get the doctor but then notices her leaving in an elevator. Before he could go after her, the being on the table ripped its sheet off and laughed at Kyle as he recognized it as the Stiff! But only barely, as Stiff had been infused with so much GLOW that he had green spikes glowing out of his back and even had GLOW glowing through him, particularly through the two letters “D” and “E” cut into his chest. Stiff maniacally laughs before grabbing a nearby GLOW rat that was running by and devouring it, empowering him even more. In the ensuing battle consisting of falling cable wires, spiky projectiles, and an enraged Stiff (now “Stiff Death”), Kyle managed to stomp out the majority of the GLOW rats hiding in crates in the lab before Stiff could consume them and regenerate, and eventually managed to defeat the mutated man. Stiff Death’s GLOW running out, he fell to the ground before crumbling to dust.

Kyle escapes from the exploding lab just in time (again). Rather beaten, he meets up with Guy who tells him that he didn’t see any scientist leaving the lab. Kyle promptly loses consciousness.

Despite what Guy had just said, Chang is there to treat Kyle as he wakes up in Haggar’s gym. Guy pulls out a gun, demanding that she tell him where the mastermind behind GLOW is, but Haggar stops him, saying that wasn’t how they’d do things, so Guy argues that it’s the only way they can stop GLOW. Kyle interrupts and tells them both to knock it off, then asks Chang how to reverse the effects of GLOW so he can cure Cody. She tells him that like any other drug, GLOW wears off over time, but before she could fully detail the withdrawal symptoms, Kyle notices a newscast on the TV showing his hood in complete anarchy as Metro Citizens and gang members, now driven insane by GLOW, were rioting in the streets. Realizing that Vanessa is in danger, Kyle heads back to his hood. Chang decides to leave as well, telling Haggar that people were suffering and needed her help.

Kyle’s hood was strewn with debris, fire, and GLOWheads, including some absolutely humongous ones, but Kyle eventually managed to fight his way to the Barfly, where he found Vanessa unconscious and the bar in flames. More GLOWheads approached, ranting about crushing the sky and their brains being inside out and other nonsensicals. Angrily punching them away, more and more kept coming until 2-Ill arrived in his car, running several of the GLOWheads down and shooting the rest with his pistol (but totaling his car in the process). He tosses Kyle a gun and tells him that they need to get out of there, but they couldn’t leave without Vanessa. Fortunately, Vanessa had woken up by then, and tells Kyle she’s alright, knowing he’d come. Anarchy is everywhere and the three are swamped, but they continue to go forward and attempt to make their way out of the Hood for the safety of 2-Ill’s place. Fighting through more and more GLOWheads with Kyle’s fists, 2-Ill’s pistol, and Vanessa’s… nothing, the three finally arrive at 2-Ill’s hideout. They can discuss their next move. Kyle states that he’s going back to the church to go after Bella, and Vanessa asks to go with him. Not allowing his girlfriend to get into danger, Kyle refuses and tells 2-Ill that it’s time to go, but hearing that he’s about to be dragged
into things, 2-Ill quickly remarks that he isn’t going, whereupon Vanessa angrily tells him that he’s not going to get away with that. Vanessa calls him Two.P instead of 2-Ill while saying this, so 2-Ill responds that first, it isn’t his fight, and second, that Two.P stuff was over long ago. However, he decides to help Kyle out by telling Kyle of a shortcut to the church through the sewers that he used to use back during the Mad Gear days.

Kyle arrives at the church which is already under siege by Sgt. Sims and what few policemen Sgt. Sims has left. After Kyle informs him that his sister Vanessa was okay and in a safe place, Sims tells Kyle that he’s running out of men and has no idea what’s waiting for them in the church, but that they have to stop the person behind GLOW. He tells Kyle to stay back and proceeds to storm the church with his men, but then Kyle notices Father Bella on the rooftop armed with a grenade, declaring to God, “Thy will be done”, before dropping it. Kyle tells Sims to pull back in time to make it so the grenade only hurts instead of instantly kills him and his men, but then tons of GLOWheads burst out of the church and attacked as Bella threw more grenades down from above. In the ensuing battle, all of Sim’s men were killed, but Sim and Kyle managed to survive. They entered the church, where Bella is talking about how the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
were given the power of war, famine, pestilence, and death to end the earth as was foretold by the Bible. Chang is with him, and she tells him that what he’s doing is madness. To this, Bella responds that he is simply the instrument of God, and he threatens Chang with his sword, forcing Chang to continue to work on four different subjects underneath sheets. Kyle reveals himself and demands to know where his brother is, to which Bella responds that his brother is free of human frailty and that now Kyle must repent or die. At this point, one of the subjects removes
his sheet and looks at Kyle, recognizing him. He laughs, “Not the face!” and Kyle realizes that it’s Weasel, although by now Weasel was infused with GLOW and was rather ripped with “WAR” inscribed on his chest with GLOW. He grabs Kyle and tosses him through the windows above, before following after him, leaving Sims behind.

Outside in the graveyard, Weasel War begins unloading on Kyle with a huge machine gun and grenades. Kyle used the trees as cover until an opening was available, and used the shotguns, pistols, and grenades conveniently lying around (for whatever reason) to return fire. Eventually overpowered by Kyle’s assault, Weasel War’s entire upper torso is blown up and explodes.

Back inside the church, Kyle makes his way to a sort of butcher room, where he hears slicing and chopping noises. He peeps into the room to see a mutated lanky Blades with “FAMINE” inscribed on his chest chopping someone up. Sighing but knowing he has to fight, Kyle enters the room and realizes that Blades’ victim was Sgt. Sims! Sims tells Kyle to run before Blades hacks off his head as Kyle shouts, unable to save him in time. Using his trademark knives and new stretchy arms, Blades Famine attacks Kyle but is eventually defeated and basically plops to the ground.

Further into the church in a large pentagonal room, Kyle sees Dr. Chang sitting up in the rafters, with a huge green monsterous skeletal being underneath, its gigantic spiky back and height reaching almost all the way up to Chang. Dr. Chang laments about how she could have created so many great and wonderful things, but all her talents were wasted by Bella. But despite this, she still has her wonderful creation and vision, Pestilence. Chang’s ranting reveals that she’s actually rather loony herself, and she doesn’t even pay attention to Kyle when he demands she tell him where Bella is, at least until he threatens that he’ll come up there. The doctor simply scoffs at this and then orders Pestilence to consume him, whereupon Pestilence savagely attacks! And by savagely attacks, I mean slooooowly walks around the room as his shell’s butt drips GLOW onto the ground, every once in a while stopping to throw easily-dodged pieces of it at Kyle and every once in a while barfing GLOW bombs in all directions. After an excitingly slow-paced molasses battle of Kyle tossing said GLOW bombs back at the creature, his shell was blown off and he became much faster, swiping at Kyle, throwing GLOW bits at him, and ripping off entire church benches to try to slam on him. Kyle eventually managed to overcome the beast and it melted into its own goo. But by then, Dr. Chang was gone.

Kyle finally confronts Bella on the church rooftop, who calls him Cain, just like Cain and Abel in the Bible, so Kyle responds that ‘Cain’ is going to kick his ass. He once again demands to see his brother, so Bella tells him that he feels Kyle’s pain, for he used to have a brother he cared about as well. Bella tells Kyle that long ago, his own brother came to America seeking happiness, but then Cody savagely killed him. Kyle is stumped about this, telling Bella that Cody is a hero who did more good for the city than Bella could ever dream of. Bella brushes him off, proclaiming that his suffering led to his inspiration, which in turn would lead to Kyle’s death! At this, he points to the side, and Kyle turns his head only to see his own brother, now horribly mutated from GLOW into a sort of hulk with green glowing eyes and the word “DEATH” cut into his chest. Bella proclaims that he’s going to have an eye for an eye, brother for brother, Cain to Abel, and now he was going to kill Cody’s brother as well. Pissed, Kyle tells Bella that he’ll be praying for his own death when Kyle was through with him. Hearing this, Bella proclaims that his name isn’t actually Bella. It’s Belger! He was the brother of the leader of Mad Gear that Cody killed years ago. His prized Horseman of Death, Cody, attacks Kyle. Cody Death, completely consumed by the GLOW, is unable to listen to Kyle’s pleas about being his brother, but upon hitting Kyle, struggles with himself to stop. Kyle takes advantage of this, and eventually defeats his own brother, whereupon Father Belger revives him with GLOW and tells him that he will be fighting at Death’s side. Belger attempts to take Kyle out with grenades and rocket launchers while Cody Death attacks with burning GLOW flames and sheer brute force, but eventually Cody Death is taken down again. Belger then attempts to revive Cody while fighting off Kyle with a machine gun and his sword, putting him into position for Kyle’s own attacks. Eventually, Cody Death finally got up and tried kill Kyle one last time. Approaching Kyle slowly, Kyle again tries to get Cody to recognize him, but at that moment, Cody Death is shot in the back by Belger, who proclaims that he will not allow his vengeance to be taken away from him and he’ll kill Kyle himself. He approachs Kyle with his gun pointed at Kyle, but then Cody Death gets up and launches himself at Belger, sending the two of them flying off the rooftop, with Kyle shouting after his brother.

On the ground outside, a wounded Belger attempts to crawl to and reach his gun, but Kyle grabs it just out of his reach. Father Belger proclaims that he’s Kyle’s savior, but Kyle replies that he’s actually nothing, and shoots him in the head. He then dashes to an unconscious Cody Death and says that everything will be okay.

At the hospital, a beat-up Kyle and Cody are in separate hospital beds in the same room. The effects of GLOW have mostly worn off and Cody is now a normal human being again. He and Kyle joke for a bit as if nothing happened, but when Cody finally begins to ask why Kyle went through so much trouble to help him, Kyle interrupts saying that Cody would do the same for him and that it was for survival, so the two brothers punch their fists together in agreement. They wonder when their next fight should be, at which Vanessa enters the room and tells them to knock it off, because neither of them would be fighting for a while. Cody responds that at least now, his knees never felt better. He kicks his knees around a bit, realizes something, and then begins to excitedly tell Kyle something about them before he notices that Kyle is distracted by the television set. On the set, a news reporter states that Dr. Chang was taken in for questioning after the incident but was released. Cody asks Kyle what’s wrong, but Kyle quickly shakes it off and responds “Nothing” as the news reporter states that the clean-up after the devastation was starting. Vanessa says that the nightmare was finally over and it was all just a bad memory, but she states this with sadness as she holds onto her deceased brother’s badge. Kyle, perhaps realizing this, sarcastically replies, “Yeah, right”. For now, Metro City was at peace again, but at a price?

Where he is now: Probably still going around kicking butt for a living. …this extremely brief “Where is He Now” section kinda makes me wonder what I was thinking when I typed out that friggin’ NOVEL above.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Website profile: Kyle is Cody’s cocky and sometimes reckless younger brother. Though a bit unfocused compared to his legendary older sibling, Kyle shows natural fighting potential that Cody continually pushes him to develop further. Kyle’s devotion to his beloved Hood is surpassed only by his unspoken admiration for his big brother.

First introduced/created with Final Fight Streetwise.

Kyle was likely just a kid during the original Final Fight. Evidence:

2-Ill has been “running around these places since I was a kid.” Assumedly, Kyle is referring to 2-Ill’s ‘career’, which likely began with 2-Ill being Two.P during Mad Gear.

Cody is getting “old and slow.” Yet Kyle is not. Obviously Kyle must be a lot younger than Cody for this to be the case. Also the way Cody wants Kyle to live up to his potential and has been stated in an interview to be the one who was always taking care of Kyle implies an almost fatherly relationship, where Cody would be a lot older than Kyle.

The last Haggar saw Kyle, he was just a “scrawny knee’d bum.” It’s also been so long ago that Kyle doesn’t recall meeting Haggar in person before, but Haggar recalls meeting him. Presumably, they would have met when Haggar was still dealing with Cody on a more regular basis (IE, when Cody was saving Jessica and fighting alongside Haggar, both during Final Fight One). Also, the way Kyle idolizes Haggar in his journal seems almost more like the way someone remembers their childhood super hero.

Kyle never met Guy before. While it is rather improbable that Cody never introduced Guy to his little kid brother back during FF1, it’s even more improbable for Kyle to have never run into Guy if Kyle was a teenager because assumedly Kyle would be getting out a lot more at that age.

Cody almost seems more like a father than a brother to Kyle sometimes. Most telling is how frustrated Cody is that Kyle isn’t living up to his potential. Cody (who possibly has the typical “father wants to live his glory days through his son” complex) is coaching Kyle to improve not as a rival but as someone who’s raising him. Cody being the older brother who is constantly taking care of the younger brother was confirmed in an interview with Tom Sekine as well. Of course, given that Cody is probably a LOT older than Kyle (Cody is probably 39 during Streetwise while Kyle is likely only 22 to 24), this isn’t too surprising.

Cody’s apartment is a lot bigger and cleaner than Kyle’s.

Paco indicates that the cockroaches that Kyle has to stomp in his apartment are a recurring problem. The GLOW rats were obviously new though.

Oddly enough, he seems to have a college degree on top of the shelf in his apartment (it seems to say ‘college’ on it). The guy pit fights for a living, Cody implies they’re only barely making ends meet, his apartment is small and run-down (and Cody’s bigger cleaner apartment shows that Kyle’s wasn’t small just due to game constraints), and yet he has a college degree. Maybe it’s a comment on the state of Metro City or something. Also might explain why Kyle is so pessimistic about Metro City when he tells Guy that there was nothing in the city to save from GLOW in the first place.

He also wears a pair of dog tags for some unknown reason. Perhaps he got into college on a military program? That also might explain why he smokes while Cody doesn’t (far as I know). Lots of men in the military smoke, and Guile and Nash do in some arts as well.

He smokes after particularly tiresome/annoying events are done (such as after Blades boots him out of Vitto’s).

Kyle’s been playing most of the various mini-games in Streetwise since he was a kid, including darts, shooting targets (ducks), and garbage can smash. He remarks in his journal for one of the smash games that he used to always kick Cody’s ass at that game when he was a kid (he says “when I was a kid”, not “when we were kids”. Cody and Kyle’s age difference is such that they weren’t kids at the same time). Of course, given that this is Kyle’s journal, it might be a bit biased (that and given how much older Cody was and Kyle was just a kid, I wouldn’t be surprised if he let Kyle win on purpose).

Everyone says that Kyle has a lot of potential, to which he remarks at the beginning of the game, “Potential’s good. If you’re feeling good about being potentially good” with a twinge of apathy. It’s not that Kyle’s unconfident (quite the opposite, really. He’s extremely confident in his journal for the most part). It’s just that he doesn’t really care too much to develop his skills beyond what he needs. Thus Cody is so frustrated at Kyle not living up to his potential. By the end, Kyle has developed into someone that Cody is proud of. Course, one could probably point out that the only reason Kyle’s ability developed thus is because Kyle was forced to get better at fighting for the sake of saving his brother. 😛 Kyle having potential but not being “The One” yet when FF:SW starts out is confirmed by an interview with Tom Sekine.

Kyle’s potential is meant to explain how in-game, Kyle can learn all those moves throughout the game so quickly, where even Guy and Haggar can teach him some of their moves within the span of a few hours (Kyle’s journal keeps track of the storyline date and time). So I guess he’s like Sakura in that he can pick up new moves extremely quickly. …did I just compare Kyle to Sakura? You know, this would be a lot easier to swallow if Capcom of Japan didn’t dissolve Capcom Studio 8 almost right after Streetwise came out. …whatever.

Unlike Cody, Kyle doesn’t really look forward to the thrill of the fight in particular. He’s more than happy to beat up people who tick him off, and he’s ‘always up for a new challenge’ and probably does enjoy fighting, but it’s never implied in his journal that he’s looking for a fight just for the sole sake of the fight (which in part explains his apathy towards developing his potential). Kyle mainly fights just out of necessity for survival, as shown by Cody telling him, “We’re making ends meet” after handing him his share of the pit fighting money in the beginning of the game (it’s also stated that he pit fights to make ends meet in an interview with ex-Capcom Studio 8 employee Joe Willis), and his stating survival as his reason for going through everything to save Cody at the end of the game. Also, advertisements used the tagline, “To save your brother, you must save the city”, indicating that saving the city is kinda just a secondary goal for Kyle.

Kyle recognizes Haggar as the mayor, but not personally, although Haggar indicates that they’ve met before. Haggar remarks that Kyle probably doesn’t remember him. When Haggar last saw Kyle, Kyle was just “a scrawny-knee’d bum”.

Kyle idolizes Mike Haggar. His journal constantly refers to him as “THE MAN”, and he states in it that he’d be a fool to lose the opportunity to learn some moves from him. Although Kyle doesn’t remember meeting him personally, he apparently has fond memories of the coolness of Mike Haggar personally hitting the streets to bust some criminal heads.

Kyle didn’t know who Guy was nor did Guy imply that he had ever met Kyle before or after Kyle introduced himself as Cody’s brother (of course, Guy didn’t recognize Kyle at all when he sic’d his men on Kyle earlier, but Haggar didn’t initially recognize Kyle either. The difference being that Haggar immediately remembered him when Kyle introduced himself while Guy did not). It’s kinda odd that the two never met before but not completely impossible given Guy’s FF1 bio indicating that Guy didn’t spend much time in Metro City prior to FF1 since he was just visiting
the States back then.

Kyle doesn’t like 2-Ill very much. He gives 2-Ill the brush-off whenever 2-Ill says he’ll be there to help. He especially doesn’t like paying 2-Ill for help.

Kyle also doesn’t like Psychic very much at first, but gets eerily addicted to her cards’ fortunetelling as the game goes on (assuming you do the various card matching mini-games).

While generally a good guy, Kyle also doesn’t particularly seek out justice that much. He won’t let a thug get away with stealing a lady’s purse on his watch and he’ll help out a cop against some smugglers if asked (albeit hesitantly), but he almost always appends “The money’s good, too!” to his good deeds for the day in his journal. He also constantly states that he doesn’t care about stopping GLOW so much as doing so just so he can find his brother. This is rather similar to Cody really, in that he’s willing to go vigilante and generally does good things but justice is a secondary bonus to his aims (for Kyle it’s assumedly survival, while for Cody it’s assumedly the thrill of the fight).

Of course in Streetwise, you the player can make Kyle go around beating up homeless bums and punching the lights out of civilians, but Kyle’s journal itself generally implies all that good guy stuff and there really isn’t any “evil” meter for Kyle no matter how many old ladies you beat up (it just makes you lose “respect”).

Kyle dislikes cops. He says that even though Sgt. Sims is a good cop, he never met a cop he liked. Also late in the game, you can hire a cop with a shotgun as backup, where Kyle says to himself, “I don’t like the idea of a cop backing me up. Love the shotgun, though.” He’s probably a bit annoyed with cops always arresting his brother, although so far Kyle himself seems to have been able to avoid having any run-ins with the law. Sims doesn’t like him much and wishes Kyle wouldn’t get involved in going after GLOW, but he doesn’t imply that he thinks Kyle should be arrested. Ditto for other cops you talk to (in fact, other cops are reasonably nice to Kyle, Kyle being a juvenile vigilante considered. On some mini-quests, some cops even work with Kyle, one asking for assistance to accompany him while he goes to call for back-up, and another to go bust down the Blue Ballers because the cop can’t without a warrant).

Like Cody, Kyle generally prefers using his fists (as shown by him and Stiff ending their fight unarmed), although he’s not above using firearms as well and he still likes those, too (he likes the above cop’s shotgun, for example).

All three of his prototype designs had dreadlocks for some reason.

He was voiced by Trent Kanuiga (the concept artist), not David Hayes. The fact that so many people ask about this shows that whether on purpose or not, Trent did a semi-convincing Solid Snake impression, I suppose.