Craig Marduk

Craig Marduk foi um campeão de Vale Tudo inderrotável. Entranto, um dia ele foi pego em um escândalo e foi expulso pelo comitê da organização. Consumido pela amargura e raiva contra tudo e contra todos, Marduk acabou começando uma briga de bar no Arizona. Um mediador tentou se meter e tentar impedir o combate, mas Marduk acabou matando ele. O homem que Marduk matou era Armor King, um wrestler profissional que vestia uma máscara de jaguar negro no ringue. O caso foi levado à justiça, onde o assassinado foi julgado como culposo, onde não há intenção de matar. Ele foi, entretanto, sentenciado a dez anos de prisão.

Marduk em Tekken 4: Dois anos preso e Marduk foi liberado mais cedo. Juízes foram subornados para deixá-lo sair e Marduk recebeu uma passagem de avião e um artigo de jornal sobre o Torneio do Reio do Punho de Ferro 4. Mais tarde ele descobriu que esse arranjo foi realizado por King II, um luchador que foi estudante de Armor King. Furioso pela perda do homem que era considerado um mentor e pai, King decidiu que queria vingança contra Marduk. Como ele não podia matá-lo na prisão, King arranjou para que eles lutassem um contra o outro no torneio.

Marduk em Tekken 5: King beat Marduk in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 in a match so brutal that Marduk was hospitalized. King approached the hospital room, intending to kill Marduk, but had a change of heart. He decided his search for vengeance was foolish, and walked away.[6] Marduk, however, was enraged by his loss to King. He set to honing himself into an even greater fighter. He entered a Vale Tudo tournament wearing a replica of Armor King’s black jaguar mask and beat all the competition bloody. He then turned to the camera and taunted King, telling him he would be next.[7] Enraged by the disgrace to his mentor’s name, King accepted the challenge.[6]

Marduk and King fought one another again in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, and Marduk was again beaten. This time, however, the two exchanged a handshake of respect after the match. As Marduk was returning to the tournament waiting room, the lights went out and he was suddenly attacked. As the lights came back on, he was able to catch a glimpse of his attacker. It appeared to be the man he had killed, Armor King.[8] In his likely canonical Tekken 6 ending, Marduk is shown hurrying to Armor King’s grave. He dug Armor King up to check he was still dead and found the body intact. In the graveyard, however, he again met his attacker, who explained that Armor King was two people, not one, and that the man Marduk had killed was in fact his older brother. This new Armor King told Marduk he could never forgive him for killing his brother.[9]

Marduk and Armor King fought one another and both ended up unconscious and critically injured in hospital. Marduk awoke in hospital covered in strange injection marks. He did not feel any adverse effects however, and immediately sought out Armor King to finish him. King intervened, telling him Armor King was still unconscious and pleaded with Marduk to wait until Armor King had recovered before challenging him to a rematch. Marduk heeded this, but was uninterested in just another rematch. This time, he wanted Armor King removed for good. He thus left a challenge for Armor King for when he awoke – a match where the loser would bow out of professional wrestling forever. If Armor King won, Marduk would retire, and if Marduk won, Armor King would be de-masked and give up the name and mask of Armor King. Marduk then left to go and prepare for the match.

Personalidade: Craig e um cara durão com uma personalidade bem forte e não tolera chorão com ele não tem moleza.  

Marduk is an extremely violent and short-tempered individual. He is very brash and tends to be quite unkind to others around him. He is also incredibly cocky and has a huge ego. Marduk’s mannerisms usually border on mental instability, as he is often seen before or after a fight screaming and acting like a vicious wild animal, breathing heavily, and acting violently. His short temper and penchant for violence led him to start a bar brawl in Arizona, which resulted in the death of professional wrestler, Armor King.

Although Armor King’s death was ruled as unpremeditated, Marduk shows little regret for his actions. He later dons Armor King’s mask in order to mock him and taunt his pupil, King II, and, after being attacked by someone who strongly resembles Armor King, even digs up Armor King’s remains to check he is still dead.

Marduk’s only redeeming qualities seem to be a presumed affection he has for his parents, who’s photograph remains by his bedside when he has been hospitalized, and the gradual friendship he has fostered with King II. It should be noted however, that this friendship largely seems to arise from acts of forgiveness on King’s part. Marduk does however insist to King during Tekken 5 that he has changed, and wants to take him down in a fair and square fight.[11]

Armor King II is less forgiving, however, and, as such, he and Marduk now have a bitter rivalry. Marduk shows he has no qualms about killing an unconscious Armor King in Tekken 7, and is only stalled from doing so by pleas from King to wait for a fair match once Armor King has recovered. Whilst Marduk agreed to this, he is still intent on both beating and disgracing Armor King.

Marduk em Tekken 4: Undefeated for four years in the professional circuit, Craig Marduk was once a respected and feared Vale Tudo fighter.

However, Craig was expelled from the professional ranks after being linked to a minor scandal.

Bitter against his peers and society, Craig’s wrath consumed his soul. One day, Craig started a bar brawl in Arizona and killed an opponent during the fight. Convicted for second-degree manslaughter, Craig was sentenced to ten years in the state penitentiary.

Two years later, Craig was mysteriously released from prison. Some anonymous “benefactor” had apparently paid off numerous judiciaries to arrange for Craig’s release. An envelope was delivered to Craig shortly thereafter. It contained a plane ticket and a newspaper article about The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4..

For Marduk, fulfillment was elusive… “Winnin’ some tournament don’t mean nothin’.” When he realized where he was, he was heading back to the place of his former glory.

After winning the Tournament, Marduk returns to his place of former glory. There he meets the new Vale Tudo champion: an egotistic blond-haired man named Jeff Slater, who challenges him to a fight. Without accepting the fight, Marduk headbutts the new champion, instantly knocking him off his feet and tells him not to “bother getting up”. Marduk then walks away, stamping on Slater as he does so.

Marduk em Tekken 5: Craig Marduk, undefeated Vale Tudo fighter. Marduk was infuriated over his loss to King in the previous tournament. After being released from the hospital, he started a harsh training regimen to hone his body into the ultimate weapon. The revenge match will take place at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

The once undefeated Vale Tudo fighter Craig Marduk was infuriated over his loss to King in the previous tournament. After being released from the hospital, he endured a harsh training regimen that honed his body into the ultimate weapon. One day, Marduk entered a Vale Tudo tournament wearing a black jaguar mask. He successively downed every opponent in his path and announced his intent to face King once more. The two will meet again at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5

Craig Marduk, the once-undefeated Vale Tudo fighter. Unable to accept his loss to King in the previous tournament, Marduk transformed himself into the ultimate weapon.

One day, Marduk, in a black jaguar mask, beat everyone in a Vale Tudo tournament to a bloody pulp. “King! You’re next!”

The stage is set for a rematch at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5!

Marduk wins the Tournament and is crowned the new champion. For Marduk, being champion was not enough. He attacked various martial art champions to show his superiority.

The scene opens with the words: “And today’s target is…” Two boxers are getting ready to fight in a typical boxing match. The boxers have just begun their bout when Marduk comes into the ring and interrupts, challenging both of them to come at him. The referee tries to stop the madness, only to be K.O.ed by Marduk. The two boxers decide to attack Marduk but are easily taken down. Marduk taunts the audience and gloats in front of the camera, tearing up the ropes in the boxing ring for good measure. Steve Fox, who is in the audience, has a look of disgust on his face as he gets out of his seat to confront Marduk.

Marduk em Tekken 6: Craig Marduk had a rematch with King during The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Although he lost, the two shared a friendly handshake after the match.

Returning to the waiting room, the lights suddenly went out, and Marduk was attacked by an unknown assailant.

When the lights finally came back on, Maarduk caught a look at the culprit. It appeared to be Armor King, whom Marduk thought he’d finished off long ago.

The world had been enguled in war when The King of Iron Fist Tornament 6 was abruptly announced.

Marduk reasoned that if he entered the tournament, perhaps the unknown assailant would show up again. Along with his new ally, King, Marduk enters the tournament to find his attacker.

While in a graveyard, Marduk is shovelling dirt, digging up Armor King’s grave in order to confirm that the body is in there and that he is dead. When he opens Armor King’s grave, he sees the body in tact inside, confirming that Armor King is indeed dead. A mysterious figure who resembled Armor King gives Marduk a blank stare in silence after being asked who he is. King II arrives at the graveyard and asks the figure who he is. The figure claims himself to be “Armor King” and no one else. Marduk believes this to be a lie, as he killed Armor King “with his own hands”, but the figure calling himself “Armor King” states that the name is not exclusive to just one person. He claims that he is the one, but so was his late brother, known as Armor King I, whom Marduk killed 2 years ago, thus making the figure “Armor King II”. Armor King II deemed that his brother’s murder was unforgivable and points at Marduk as a sign of revenge.

Marduk em Tekken 7: Undefeated since his debut as a Vale Tudo fighter, Craig was banished by the committee for his involvement in a scandal. After getting caught up in a bar fight, he accidentally ended up killing Armor King, who was trying to mediate the situation. Craig fought against Armor King’s apprentice, King, twice after that, until a steady friendship grew between them

Craig Marduk once killed Armor King. He got into a fight with someone who claimed to be Armor King’s younger brother, and both of them ended up unconscious.

When Marduk awakened in hospital, he noticed strange injection marks across his body. Since he was able to move without any problems though, he immediately tried to go after Armor King without paying any mind to this.

However, King desperately intervened, and told him that Armor King had not yet regained consciousness. King persuaded Marduk to wait until Armor King had first recovered in order to settle the match. However, Marduk could not quell his anger with just any old match, and proposed a match where, if he lost, he would retire from the fighting scene for good, but, if Armor King lost, he would have his mask forcibly removed from his face in disgrace.

After challenging Armor King, who had not yet woken up, Marduk began training in preparation for the rematch.

Aparência: Craig é moreno, com cabelo loiro curto e usa cavanhaque, tem 2 metros de altura e pesa nada mais nada menos que 180 de puro músculo e tem tatuagens nos braços e no peito.

Marduk has a big body and large limbs. He is bald though in his Tekken 4 prologue and ending, he is shown with dark, lank, thin, unkempt hair and has some in-game customizations that reflect this. Marduk is usually clean-shaven, though in Tekken 7 he sports a full beard, light brown in color. In all games, he wears gloves, shorts and kneecaps. He has large tattoos on both his upper arms – the design of these varies sometimes, but is usually a black tribal tattoo design on Marduk’s biceps.