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Damnd Thrasher

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Height: 218 cm
Weight: 201 kg
Hails from: America
Special move: flying kick
Favorite food: strawberry sundae

Final Fight One: A member of Mad Gear, Damnd was the one who kidnapped
Jessica and called up Mike Haggar to blackmail him. He then took Jessica
to the slums which were under his control, and knew that Cody would come
for her, but by the time Cody arrived, Jessica had already been given over
to Belger. Damnd fought and was defeated by Cody after that. [Conjecture
based off of in-game storyline]

Where he is now: Hacking into security systems and cackling somewhere; who

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

FF1 Bio: Damnd is one of the leaders of the Mad Gear gang and heads the
Mad Gear’s worldwide information network. He uses informants from many
government agencies including the FBI. Damnd’s information keeps the Mad
Gear gang one step ahead of the authorities.

Damnd’s name was censored to Thrasher for the Super Nintendo version of
Final Fight overseas.

It’s possible, due to his name being spelled in katakana, that his name
was mistranslated and it was meant to be Damned. Not that there’s much
difference there, though:P

Damnd’s whistle returns in FF:SW. Some Punx use it to summon other
Punx. Sadly, Damnd however is not in the game.